LMRF Children's Hospital

Background of the LMRF Children’s Hospital:

In 2003, Lion Mukhlesur Rahman Plastic Surgery Hospital (LMRPSH) started its journey with the pointed hope of providing surgical service for cleft lip and palate patient. A necessary OT facility and limited indoor facility was included in that time. After a spell of time, it was turned into a full fledge facilitated hospital in 2009 while a renowned international cleft organization Smile Train U.S.A has made partnership with LMRPSH. Another charitable project Zero Clubfoot started its operation in the premises of LMRPSH in 2010. LMRPSH has launched plastic surgery service for Burn patient with limitedly. Recently the hospital is renamed as LMRF Children’s Hospital with the vision of a special child health care service.

Existing Surgical Services:
S/L Name of Surgery
01 PMR (per foot)
02 PBC
03 Tongue Tie
04 Tonsil/SMR
05 Hernia
06 Circumcision
07 Skin cyst, Abscess
08 Incision and Drainage of an Abscess
09 Mole / Hairy Mole removal
10 Lipomas/Fatty tumors
11 Tonsillectomy
12 Cuts & Minor Burns
13 Dressing

OT, Cabin and Ward :
S/L Name of Services
01 OT Rent Per unit
02 Cabin -01 (3 bed with attached bathroom)
03 Cabin -02 ( 2 bed, TV with attached bathroom)
04 Ward Bed  ( In ward)

Prospective Services:
** Collaboration with BSRM to provide health services for poor and inhabitants of slum people in the selected area.
** Collaboration with SOS Children’s Villages Chittagong to provide health services.
** To start Grameen health services in the Fotikchori Upozila.
** To start Physiotherapy & Rehab:
1) General Physiotherapy.
2) Rickets.
3) Cerebral Palsy.
4) Clubfoot.
5) PBC Patients.

NB: Physiotherapist will provide these services.
** To start Diagnostic services.


** OPD Medical Services:
1) GP Services.
2) Pediatric Services.


** Patient Tracking Policy:
a) Patient can come directly in our health service community.
b) Our LMRFCH existing patients can play vital role for enrolled patients.
c) Patient can be enrolled by referral doctor, person, hospital, and organization.
d) Patient can be enrolled by join collaboration to other organizations.
e) Patient can be enrolled by newspaper advertisement, leaflet, poster etc.
f) Patient can be enrolled by our LMRF’s employee.
g) Patient can be enrolled by LCH’s marketing personnel activities.

** Medical Record System:
a. All medical data should be preserved accurately.
b. Patient file will be filled up by respective person as their respective portion/section.
c. Every individual will be liable for patient’s data that who will fill it up.
d. Patient file will be stored as month and year wise in a pointed shelf.
e. A person will be assigned for overall supervise this job, take care of patients’ file and he/she will be responsible for this MRS.
f. These patients’ file will be stored for future use and research.