Mr. Nader khan's primary education life was started at Doulatpur village in Fatickchari. He studied in class 6 for 3 months in Nazirhat Collegiate School. In 1956, because of his father illness he went Rangoon with his father and passed 10 month there without study. After 10 month he returned Bangladesh and admitted in Chittagong Collegiate School in class 6 but because of failing in class 9, being angry his elder brother again admitted him class 9 in govt. Muslim High School. From there he passed S.S.C in1963 and passed H.S.C in 1965 from Chittagong College .In 1967 he passed B.Sc from Chittagong College which was under Dhaka University then. After passing, he got a suggestion from his friend Mainul Ahsan (former director of Petro Bangla) and admitted himself in Lahor Engineering University in 1967 to read on 'Mining' but he returned in 1968 without completing his education. For this failure his elder brother stopped talking with him.

Next 2 year he was unemployed and his life was full of disappointing. That times his close friend Chairman of Uttar Motors Late Mukhlesur Rahman and his mother stood beside him.

Trying hard but not getting any job he started contracting business with a name 'khan &co.' with a little space. But in 1970 his mother became ill and dead. Again he was unemployed.

After the independent war of Bangladesh his friend Mukhlesur Rahman took him to import business and also stood with him. In 1972, investing TK. 50000 he engaged Mr. Nader khan in a business at Khatungang in Chittagong. He started his business with importing tires and then he imported rubber solution, plaster, electrical instrument and refrigerator. When he imported refrigerator he met with Mr. Parabechine, he invited Mr. Nader khan in Milan fair in Italy. There Mr. Nader khan first time introduced with the organization Pedrollo

He didn't know anything about pump. But, in Pedrollo stall he became happy with hospitality of a person named Mr. Bin and ordered 100 pump. From there Mr. Nader Khan needed not to see back. A new company Pedrollo NK Limited was born in Bangladesh. After that he started Ployex Print Limited which manufactures flexible packaging materials for retail consumer items. In 2003 he started Ramgarh&HaldaVally Tea Estates which is involved in producing high quality tea. He is first introducer of permanent irrigation system in tea plantation in Bangladesh. Beside these he established many other organizations. He is the Chairman and Managing Director of Pedrollo NK Limited, Poli Laminate Ltd., Poli Tape Ltd., HaldaVally Tea Co Ltd., New Vision Ltd., Progoti Corporation, Pedrollo Horticulture Ltd., Uttra Securities & Finance Ltd. Beside these he is the Sponsor Director and Director of Prime Bank Ltd., Prime Insurance Co. Ltd., National Life Insurance, Prime Finance and Investment Ltd., PFI Securities, Prime Asset Management Co. Ltd, GAP Holding Ltd., GAP Telecom Ltd., Ramgarh Tea Garden etc.

Social Activities

To do something for the unfortunate people of the society Mr. Nader Khan started to engage with social welfare activities and that spread more after he started his business life. In 1976 he joined Lion Club International through SilvanoPedrollo and played a very important role in Bangladesh. He was the only Lion of that time who have also MJF and PHF. When he was governor he played a significant role for the development of English education in Chittagong district. After that,this was followed by the whole country. He made Pedrollo Welfare Trust by help of SilvanoPedrollo. With the money of that fund he established "Lion Mukhlesur Rahman Foundation". This foundation started their first project named 'Operation Clef' and treating clef lip and clef palate patient from 1995 without any cost. They treated and made app. 1000 patients' normal. From 2010, Mr. Nader Khan younger son Dr. Shamim Khan started to work on 'Clubfoot'. Seeing his work progress Mr. Nader wanted to start 2nd project on Clubfoot Treatment under "Lion Mukhlesur Rahman foundation". By sequence "Zero Clubfoot" is started in 1st February 2010. Again Mr. Nader Khan's friend Colin (founder of Walk for Life) spread his helping hand for that project. 'Zero Clubfoot' running it's activities with the slogan of "Walking Clubfoot No More". Now Zero Clubfoot is providing free clubfoot treatment in 9 districts under Chittagong Division. Zero Clubfoot is prided to correct over 1029 clubfoot child and bring them to normal life.

Nader Khan also concentrate in education sector to ensure quality education. In 1991 he started financing in DhurongKhulshi Lions High School and also managed scholarship for poor and meritorious students. Now the school is famous Model school in Fatickchari. In 1996 he and his friend Lion Mukhlesure Rahman Personally established 'Cider International School' to ensure international standard education and to make skilled manpower. This school coordinated from Delhi Public School, India. The students of the school showing their merit and proficiency in the country and also in the abroad. He also financing for making General Hospital in Durong Union in Fatickchari where all people get treatment in lower cost. He established an organization named PNL Holdings which work for ensuring fresh drinking water for people.

Mr. Nadir Khan believes Bangladesh has all necessary resources to develop its economy but there is no perfect Leader to guide people properly. That's why he says "We need leader with vision". His main ethics of success is "Don't cheat with other".