Shariful Islam Heron, 27 and Baharul Islam, 27, both graduate students of political science at Government B L College, Khulna. Heron had a passion for cycling since he was a tenth grader. To plan their ride, they required financial support. Heron posted their plan on his facebook profile first. One of our officials of LMRF first noticed his post and got in touch with him. Then we invited them to share the idea of countrywide cycle ride to make the mass awareness. As everything went along the plan, Pedrollo nk Ltd. and Uttara Motors came along to support the event financially. We titled the event as 'Bicycle ride for shaping up tomorrow' which eventually started on December 6, 2014 from Chittagong and ended on April 23 this year at Dhaka.

We have a vision to see zero clubfoot and cleft lip affected people in the country. Most people do not know much about these malformations and how they can be cured despite being highly literate. The key information in curing clubfoot is that through Ponseti method as early as 7 days of babies life, this deformity is completely correctable. As for cleft lip, the surgery gives best results if performed during the patient's childhood. They used to ride on bicycles in weird costumes to catch attention of people, which helped them to spread the words more easily.

The duo also distributed brochures among the masses to spread awareness. They used banners and placards to arrange meetings with administrative personnel at each district. 'When we reached a district we met the district in-charge, the health officer and the civil surgeon at first. We urged them to forward our message to the remote areas. Since most of the government general hospitals have the facilities for both the surgeries, we requested them to let people know about it,' Heron says. The duo carried all of their campaign materials in their backpacks and bicycle carriers. They talked to the local communities about the issue. Moreover, they also convinced local print and electronic media at the places they covered to spread the news. Baharul Islam adds, 'I was always confident about what I was doing. I think if I want something from the core of my heart I can manifest my goals. I didn't even tell my family that I was going to ride across the country because they would have said no. Heron has always provided me with the much needed encouragement'.

The duo faced some difficulties due to political unrest, harsh weather conditions, and few technical problems, minor accidents, taking brakes to repair bicycles and rout planning while touring across the country. 'During the tour we met people of different cultures and localities. Their hospitalities were really appreciated. 'The local communities were impressed with what we were doing. They invited us in' says Heron.