The ZCF Project created in 2010 has progressed so much that probably there is no other association in the entire world that works as good as it. Congratulations for your 7th Anniversary and wish you all the best!!!

In Spain, the Ponseti Method is not offered in many hospitals as first option, so a new born in Bangladesh could be luckier than a Spanish new born just to have the guarantee to be treated in the best and easiest way, with the magic that all the physiotherapists of LMRF have

I have been very lucky to share and learn too many many many things from them. I am really impresses about the perfect Ponseti technique that is nowadays being practiced in your country. The organization of LMRF, lidered by Dr. Shamim Khan is absolutely effective and unbeatable. In my opinion, it cannot be better. I really want to thank for these amazing life experience.

In summery, there is something about this country and all the people that caught me. Everything that you have transmitted to me is just priceless.

It has been such a pleasure to be a little part of this awesome project. It has been one of the best experiences ever and of course it has surpassed the very high expectations that the trip had. I hope to come back soon.

Thanks for let me sharing my opinion with all of you.

Dr. Marta Rodriguez
Clinical Podiatrist & Professor
University of Barcelona