The respected delegation members are Dr. Anna Maria Ey Batlle, Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon and Clubfoot Expert of Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Barcelona, Spain; Dr. Marta Vinyals Rodriguez, Clinical Podiatrist & Professor, University of Barcelona, Spain; Ms. Silvia Ghigna, Chairman and Ms. Fransisca Bassottie, Executive Member of National Clubfoot Association of Italy. During this visit, they had traveled to 5 districts of Chittagong division where ZCF has been serving clubfoot patients since 2010, tirelessly observed more than 150 patients with clubfoot and other deformities, shared their immense experience with ZCF clinical team, performed amazing surgeries to 14 selected patients. Moreover, they also evaluated our treatment method and quality as they did last year and expressed their sheer satisfaction on the quality of service and overall outcome of Ponseti treatment provided by ZCF.

According to the two delegates from Italy, ZCF is providing much better Ponseti Treatment than any experienced doctors in Italy and they are going to circulate our achievement in Italian media after going back. It is worth mentioning that it was their second visit and they have planned to visit our activities at least once in a year. Not only this, they also have already connected to our virtual clinical network to provide valuable opinion for critical cases.

For all their hard work, dedicated support and sharing huge knowledge, ZCF & LMRF will be grateful to them forever.