This meeting twisted a great opportunity for LMRF to be acquainted with other NGOs and their activities. Members of each organization had shared their activities and expertise where LMRF emphasized on current situation of Clubfoot and Cleft lip deformity in Bangladesh and who LMRF is working to eliminate these problems. Dr. Anna & Dr. Marta shared their personal experiences working with LMRF team and explored the possibility of LMRF to be a leading organization in the world for correct these deformities in proper way. They were overwhelmed to interact with other organization where they said that through this dialog all youth organizations can come up together to reach out the mission of LMRF and deliver Bangladesh from Clubfoot deformity.

According to the two delegates from Italy, ZCF is providing much better Ponseti Treatment than any experienced doctors in Italy and they are going to circulate our achievement in Italian media after going back. It is worth mentioning that it was their second visit and they have planned to visit our activities at least once in a year. Not only this, they also have already connected to our virtual clinical network to provide valuable opinion for critical cases.