The learning opportunity she offered in this very short visit, actually unveiled a new scope of treatment in history of ZCF. The treatment of Neglected and Adult clubfoot through Ponseti Method. Her technique is easy to grab, spontaneous and so effective that with few demos, our Ponseti Physios could perform the maneuver very easily. It's just like magic and we are still spellbound.

On 8 & 9 Feb, she along with Silvia and Marco from National Clubfoot Association of Italy, visited our Comilla Clinic at LMRF Healthcare. More than 40 patients have been consulted, treated and advised for next treatment. It was first ever visit of any Foreign expert in LMRF Healthcare Comilla ZCF Clinic. All LH and ZCF team members were utterly delighted on this very special visit.

Later on 10 Feb in LMRF Children’s Hospital, Chittagong, Dr. Anna Conducted a daylong Ponseti Clubfoot Workshop,where the Ponseti Physiotherapists of ZCF and Walk For Life along with several Orthopedic Resident Doctors of Chittagong Medical College Hospital had an ample opportunity to learn more on Ponseti Method both theoretically and hands on. Next day, 11 Feb, She performed a Tendon transfer surgery of a 8 years old neglected clubfoot boy as part of the workshop. ZCF consultant Ortho-surgeon Dr. Myen Uddin along with his team assisted her in this surgery.

The workshop ended with a closing discussion session, where all the participants shared their views and lesson learnt in this extra-ordinary workshop. Dr. Anna and Silvia expressed their sheer satisfaction about the Ponseti treatment quality and over all management of ZCF and said that they will be very happy to come back again work with ZCF next year.