This DFAB is an innovative initiative from Zero Clubfoot project to bring dynamism and better compliance in traditional Foot Abduction Brace (FAB) for corrected clubfoot children. Inspired by famous Dobbs brace, we designed, trialed and ordered for 100 pieces of Dynamic Foot Abduction Braces (DFAB). More supplies are on pipeline, as demand is increasing from the very first day of distribution. It costs Tk2000/- (US$25) a pair.

So far we are getting good response from our parents and they seems more interested to continue bracing and follow-up with this new brace. Their children on DFAB are now, kicking, crawling at day time and turning sides more easily while sleeping. Our idea is simple – as long as you provide comfort to the kid and parent, they will keep coming and listen to you and ensure long term follow-up, which is highly essential for success of all our efforts.

Benefits of this Dynamic FAB are as follows: a. Children can kick and move their legs independently so they can crawl and be more active. b. Increased brace compliance reduces the risk of relapse. c. Because the brace moves with the child, friction on the heel is greatly reduced. d. The independent movement and greater mobility of the brace minimizes the escape potential of the child pulling out of the booties. Children sleep better in the DFAB Bar because they can get comfortable. Children can sleep with one leg straight and the other bent, which reduces stress on the child's knees.