Next day we went to Langadu and it took around 6 hours to reach to Langadu by Launch from Rangamati. Our next target was Bagaichhari. It is another Upazila of Rangamati District. At first we went to Mainimuk by motorcycle there was nothing but hills. Sometime road passes by hills keeping a huge straight hilly valley by another side, sliding from the road means nothing but sure death. Some parts of the road are carpeted with bricks and some parts are muddy. Sometimes we had to ride on more than 1000 feet hills and sometimes had to go down more than 1000 feet. It was really startling. We reached to Maynimuk after two hours. From there we started for Durchori Bazaar at 2.20pm with a Trawler and reached to Durchari Bazaar at 5.20pm via Kaptai Lake. Meanwhile, we were stopped twice by Bangladesh Army and even interrogated only because we were the two Bangali in the trawler. They asked a lot about us, about LMRF, our activities etc. From Durchori Bazaar we had to rent Motorcycle to go Bagaichhari Upazila. It is a place where Bangalis are not totally allowed. The motorbike driver asked us why we were there, hearing our concerns he said that if he carries us he would be beaten. While we were going to Bhagaichhari Upazila we saw some people stand on the road and watching as holding Ak-47. That was really bloodcurdling experience! It was like were in Sierra Leone We reached to Bhagaichhari in the evening Shanti Bahini called us to their camp or office and wanted to know our purposes. We explained everything about LMRF, Clubfoot and Cleft treatment. They heard everything and finally advised us leave the area in morning. They did not allow us to work there, not only we even no Bangali can work within their territory. It was really disheartening. Immediately we informed our Executive Director, Dr. Shamim Khan and then he immediately advised us to come back from there in the morning and close down the planning for Bhagaichhari.

We stayed at Upazila resort that night. After 7pm the area was like, it was a midnight of 3 or 4 am. All shops were closed, there was none in street. After freshen up we went out for dinner. That night we experienced some really strange as well as funny, when we went out for dinner in the street we followed a torch light, When we passed by the torch light holder, we saw it was a police officer with a gun and he himself being guarded by two men with AK-47 to go to Thana. What a strange! Police with a gun himself is not secured here!

In the morning we started for Kagrachari. Form Kagrachai we returned to Rangamati and thereby to Chittagong. It is really pathetic when someone does not try to understand the acuteness of problem like clubfoot and cleft. Hope they will understand us and our endeavors pretty soon.