CureCleft is surgical campaigns are subject to cover all destitute cleft lip/palate patients out of charge treatment who cannot even think of getting treatment and surgery of this type. Under Cure Cleft project, LMRF has cured with 5250 ?cleft? lip/ palate patients, ensuring precious smiles so far from its initiation in 2001 completely out of any fees.

We are grateful to our surgical team guided by Dr. Ayub Ali and his other team members who were performed all surgeries. Every child is seemed like another heart to their parents, when a child is under scissors parents become the most anxious, cannot keep themselves calm and utter their anxiety upon the team of coordination. We appreciate our team members efforts, dedication and tolerance of all kinds of untoward moments as well as situations. Thank to Mr. Kawsher, Counselor Mr. Shudir Chandra Day, Area Coordinator for your trenchant support making the campaign successful. LMRF is really thankful to Zam Zam Hospital for sharing their space to arrange operations and to Smile Train? USA for its kind support. Thanks to all doctors, LMRF team, Zam Zam Hospital management, and parents as well for your devoted and continued support to make the campaigns happen. Our endeavors altogether will create such an environment where there would be no more cleft lip/palate patients in Bangladesh pretty soon.